Saturday, January 19, 2013

How To Determine the Ring Size

One of the basic before proceeding into  the actual wedding proposal is the idea on how to determine the ring size of your future lifetime partner. We will give you handy tip to discover  the size of her finger that will perfectly fit to the wedding ring that you will buy.

Before there can be a wedding ceremony, an actual marriage proposal must be made. This is where the guy does all of the work including buying the right engagement ring for the moment. Unfortunately, this is where most guys mess up - they not only get the wrong ring style but they get one that isn't sized right. I can't help you pick out the ring, but I can help you get the right sized ring every time without her figuring out what you are up to. Read on for some tips to for getting it right. 

Give Her Your College Ring - Lots of guys hold onto their college rings thinking that they'll never give it up. When love is in the air, you probably said and did some very stupid things. Perhaps, you let her drive your car, even let her pick out your clothes for the day. Worse, you may have given away a prized possession. Love has a way of intoxicating even the sanest fella! 

While you've lost your marbles, offer to give her your college ring. She'll guess that you mean for her to put it on a string to wear around her neck, but you'll say that you are thinking that it would look nice on her finger. Before she gasps in disgust at wearing a guy's ring, simply ask her, "By the way, just what is your ring size should we decide to have it resized?" Listen carefully to her answer as that number will be worth remembering. If she agrees to have your ring resized, quickly change the subject and talk about how beautiful she is. 

Swipe A Current Ring - You can get her actual ring size by swiping one of her current rings. No, not the one that she has on her finger, but the one in her jewelry box stashed in her bedroom. You'll need some family help with this - enlist the assistance of a snooping younger brother or sister who will apprehend the ring for you. You'll have to pay some hush money for the familial effort, but that will be well worth it. If you don't want to run off with the ring, then bring along a piece of paper and a pencil and draw a circle on the inside of the ring and take that sketch with you to the jewelry store. Any smart jeweler will help you get the right size engagement ring every time. 

Ask Her Mom - Mothers and daughters love to share secrets, but most mothers will cooperate with you by holding back the secret of a pending engagement from their daughter. Besides, if you renege, there is always her father to deal with should you break her heart. Mothers know everything about their daughters and your future in-law will be more than happy to supply you with the information that you need. 

As far as the ring style goes, you are on your own. If you are a decent listener you have probably heard her drop enough hints for you to go out and get the diamond that she wants. If not, then it will be a crap shoot for you!

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